All Purpose Adjustable Tattoo Armrest, Portable Tattoo Hand Rest TA3710

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Tattoo Armrest/Handrest by TATARTIST

Tattoo Armrest is an unavoidable accessory to any tattoo service studio. This TA3710 Tattoo Hand Rest can also pop up your studio décor style with elegant design and durable serving life. TATARTIST provides wide range of professional tattoo equipment, accessories and supplies to make your job easier. 

Details & Specs: 

  • Hollow-carved designed triangle base, elegant and stable; Plastic spraying surface finish, durable and scratch resistant, full PVC cover, soft and comfortable, easy to clean
  • Size: 21.26'' x 24.02''-39.17'' (54cm x 61-99.5cm)
  • Mutli-functional adjustment, Hi-Lo adjustable with a quick release lever to fix to: suitable for different heights of customers, easy to adjust and durable;
  • Stool cushion can be adjust freely, and adaptable to different positions of limbs tattoo
  • Color: Black

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