Nail Polish/Powder 360-degree Swivel Display Shelves

Our premium craftsmanship and finest designs of the 360-degree Rotating Nail Polish/Powder Display Shelves are all made of acetone and scratch resistant hardwood veneer and featured with a display tower with generous spaces to showcase your nail polish bottles and/or dipping powder jars as well as a lockable cabinet at the bottom for extra storage.

These stylish and useful Polish/Powder Display Shelves will not only help you to keep your salon organized but also will add a trendy element to your space. Whether you like the pure white theme of SONOMA Collection, or the timeless style of NOVA I in grey and white hues, or even if you prefer the traditional dark wood AVON I, you will find the best fit from to echo your salon theme. 

Quick Pick List by Function and Capacity:

1. Nail Polish 360-degree Swivel Display Shelf:

3. Nail Powder 360-degree Swivel Display Shelf:

  • Avon I: up to 480 powder jars

4. Polish & Powder 360-degree Swivel Display Shelf (Double Shelves):

  • Sonoma: up to 400 polish bottles & 240 powder jars
  • Nova I: up to 400 polish bottles & 240 powder jars
  • Nova II: up to 400 polish bottles & 240 powder jars
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